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I'm Katrin, a portrait photographer based in Cambridge.
Capturing the beauty of the world has always been my passion.

I spent 8 beautiful years in Thailand, captivated by the vibrant colours and unique culture surrounding me. I quickly became drawn to photographing portraits of people and landscapes around me.

I am inspired by the simplicity of moments, and I strive to capture the essence of a subject in a single image. My goal is to create images that evoke a powerful emotional response from the viewer.

And now I am here, in the UK where I help people to document their life in photographs!

To tell a story!
A smiley child with a pink toy in the park, Granchester Meadows, UK
Mother and her baby during their photography session in Sawston, UK
Family laying on a grass during their outdoors activity in Granchester Meadows, Cambridge, UK
Children playing on a cliffs in Cornwall, UK
A girl sitting in a photo studio in Cambridge, UK
Children playing at the meadows during sunset in Pattaya, Thailand
Family and their dog during photo session in Cambridge, UK
Lifestyle photo session for a mother and her daughter in Cambridge, UK
a little child playing with curtains at home in Cambridge, UK
Children enjoying sunset at the cliffs in Cornwall, UK
Mother and her children in the garden in Cambridge, UK
portrait of a baby at home, Cambridge, UK
Mother and her little child playing at their home in Cambridge, UK
A 7 years old child holding a flower during her family photo session in Cornwall, UK
a little girl sitting on the floor at her home in Cambridge, UK